jorja’s eyebrow game: hella strong


do you ever forget how attractive someone is until you see a new picture of them and you’re just like


it has been more than a year since csinee ;~; so hello, i'm a random shinee fan popping by to remind you of how great you are, keep it up

i think csinee happened somewhere around the 13th of may because i remember it was the week before forget me not aired but omg thanks ily !!!

The Secret Sisters - Tomorrow will be kinder
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The Secret Sisters - Tomorrow will be kinder


: The Secret Sisters - Tomorrow will be kinder

tomorrow will be kinder, it’s true I’ve seen it before
a brighter day is coming my way, yes, tomorrow will be kinder

do u just ever watch an entire season of modern family in one day

i just woke up and it’s 10 pm oh

If he’s going to fall for anybody it’s going to be Elisabeth Shue.  […]  I think they keep putting people in front of me but the whole time the girl is right there. I think Nick’s going to fall for somebody he has respect for and works with. (x
 ''There was this very real moment, the day before I was going
to start on ER, when I was sitting in my apartment in LA mapping
out my escape to Mexico. I had it all planned out. 
I was going to drive to Mexico that night and be there before 
the morning. I would then call my manager and say 
I’d quit acting before any damage had been done.'' 
you silly sausage with drizzled pesto sauce you'll know when it's ava

sausage….drizzled pesto sauce….why